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Arianna Genghini was born in the North of Italy, surrounded by nature.
She lives in the Milan nearby area, but she’s costantly facing leaving on a trip or moving.
She has a background in Fashion Design that subsequently led her to approach photography in the most genuine way. Interested in the infinite storytelling possibilities of fashion photography, she also creates personal photos within which she develops her personal Female Gaze on themes such as feminism and sensuality.
Her photos show a great sensibility and gentleness, which are the main features of her approach to the subject, be it animate or inanimate.  
Her greatest passion for travel and adventure is also something that can be seen in her work, through personal projects unexpectedly focusing on landscapes and natural elements.
Her ambition is to create emotional imagery which can break into others’ life with change and beauty and show her personal way of looking at the world.

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2021 festival digitale ITALIE NOUVELLE  “Corpi Celesti” at
2021 Photofestival Ferrara Riaperture - “Fiori Nudi”

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