Fiori Nudi

The most important goal that a woman can achieve is to help another woman to believe in herself. In this body of work, I represent through photos the female experience of self-determination, self-liberation and re-appropriation of their own body and sexuality.
My work shows females, including myself my mother and some friends, standing naked or half-naked in a bedroom. First of all, I wanted to include women of different ages and nationalities and living different stages of life, to give a more universal perspective and include the diversity which makes us females part of the same big community. Second important feature is the theme of intimacy and comfortable space in which I created the liaison between me and the models. 
Nudity here is not meant to focus on the sex and the sexuality of the females portrayed. My aim is to go deeper in the appeal of the female body and give a new perspective on it. Nudity is not an end but the means to claim ownership over a woman's body that belongs only to those directly concerned.
We, as females, have been objectified since ever. Our body has been sexualized since the day we were born.

The body in my photos is intended to be like a landscape: it is the ground for discussion on which I can speak for all the females.
The Female body is first of all political: its functions are important but they’re not the only thing defining the Female. Our body is our weapon, the mean of our self-affirmation: we stand with it. The body, with its flaws and scars, is there to remind us of the heroism of us as females. We, even if we don’t fight, are fighters and warriors. Only we can support each others and create a community. That’s what I’m doing right now with my work: being and working along females, building a network for talk, discussing and sharing opinions, being kind and giving support one to to create a Female Gaze and survive the objectification of male desire and other females’ judgement.