Green Generation

Imagine going deep into the wild nature with a couple of girlfriends, taking a day off and living as a whole with nature. Feeling free.  
Feeling the wind into the hair, feeling the warm lakewater or the cold springwater on your feet and legs, floating into it. Feeling the delicate touch of flowers on your skin, the grass under your feet, the trees giving oxygen to your lungs. Feeling free, feeling feminine energy.

This body of work is an ongoing project rooted in the experience of getting in touch with the wild soul within us. When we are in nature, we completely forget who we are in the mondane world. We forget about social constructions and standards of behaving and beeing and looking. We are completely free to be ourselves. Inspired by folkloristic fairytales narrating the coming-of-age of the females, I mix up the exploration of the womanhood, the female body and the exploration of nature with a female and dreamlike gaze in which the subconscious wild self of the women portrayed can emerge.

Green Generation is also a eco-feminist project, the aim of which is to raise awareness about the female issues and the environment issues. It talks about the freedom of embracing oneself and onebody with no limitation; the freedom of cutting up some time for oneself to be in contact with the inner self and let the creativity freed; the respect for the body and for the environment in which we live because it gives us life.